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burlap baskets



Each basket is a one of a kind handmade original!


Use your new upcycled basket to hold towels in your bathroom, produce in your kitchen, or mail on your desk in a fashionable shabby, chic way.  Fill with your favorite items for a wonderful gift basket for men or women.

The outside of the basket is made of burlap from an authentic, used coffee bean sack. The front of the basket has the original printing or design from the coffee sack while the back side is either plain burlap or more design from the same sack. The lining fabric is chosen to complement the basket design.  An interfacing layer gives the basket body, without being stiff. Each basket is finished with two decorative handles upcycled from the bound edges of the burlap coffee sack.

The basket measures approximately 9 in long x 6 in wide x 6 in tall with two 3 in high handles.  


Due to the nature of the printing, washing is not recommended.

Because of the upcycled nature of these baskets, there are many options and an endless combination of burlap prints and colors/patterns of the lining.  If you have a specific color or design in mind, or even a specific country or city,  please contact me to share your ideas. 


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